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Furniture for families, designed in California

About Us

Eighteen years ago, Baby Appleseed was founded, driven by a desire to try something different in the baby furniture industry. This gave birth to a bold startup committed to innovative designs and an ecological philosophy. Over the years, we have grown and adapted, shifting from a creative design house to a supplier for the world's foremost baby specialty retailers. Yet, our desire to reconnect with our unique brand identity and establish a personal link with our customers remains strong.

Appleseed is a furniture design brand for families.  We construct thoughtfully curated, high-quality furniture to enrich your living spaces and endure years of use.

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Designed in California to elevate home vibes

High quality and

safe material for

your family

Furniture built with kids' development in mind

Durable and strong enough to handle family life

Our products are underpinned by a commitment to environmental sustainability, impeccable materials, and rigorous safety standards.

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