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Rowan Crib Sandwash FV.png

Rowan Collection

Product: Rowan Convertible Crib

Dimensions: W 58.5 D 31.7 H 49.7

Weight: 101.4

Colors: White, Sage, Sandwash, Rainwash

Description: Add the beauty of rustic styling into your little one's nursery with this convertible crib. A solid panel headboard and delicate arches frame this essential nursery piece, creating a cozy sleep space for sweet dreaming.


  • Traditional open slat design framed with a solid panel headboard and arched side rails.

  • Adjustable mattress height positions

  • The conversion rails are purchased separately

Rowan Toddler rail.png
Rowan Toddler Sandwash FV.png

Product: Toddler Rail 

Dimensions: W 57 D 23.8 H 5 4/5

Weight: 6.6

Colors: White, Sage, Sandwash, Rainwash

Rowan Nightstand Sandwash FV.png

Product: Rowan Nightstand 

Dimensions: W 27.75 D 19 H 24.5

Weight: 48.4

Colors: Sage, Sandwash

Rowan Sandwash Dresser FV5.png
Rowan_Dresser_FV2 (1).png

Product: Rowan Tall Dresser 

Dimensions: W 38 D 20 H 51.75

Weight: 140

Colors: White, Sage,  Sandwash, Rainwash

Product: Rowan Changer Topper

Dimensions: W 56 D 18.5 H 3 3/4

Weight: 19.8

Colors: White, Sage,  Sandwash, Rainwash

Rowan_Changing Topper2.png

Product: Rowan Double Dresser

Dimensions: W 57.5 D 20.25 H 34.5

Weight: 136.4

Colors: White, Sage,  Sandwash, Rainwash

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